The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FPPS) at Monash University is hosting a virtual careers fair for Pharmaceutical Sciences students – exclusively online! Our virtual event will commence on Monday 1 June and will be live until Sunday 7 June. While information is available during this period, live and interactive events will take place on specific days only. A full schedule will be available prior to the event. 

Participating Organizations

Why should you attend?

  • Conveniently connect and engage with multiple employers in dedicated “virtual booths” from your computer, tablet or mobile device, including via live chats and on demand content.
  • Explore opportunities that match your skills and interests.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by learning more about potential future employers and developing relationships with professional leaders, recruiters and hiring managers.
  • This event is complimentary and open to all Monash University pharmaceutical sciences students.

Key points to remember before attending the careers fair

  • Make sure your resume is up to date and ready to send to employers
  • Research the employers exhibiting before the event to ensure you are ready to connect with companies
  • Update your LinkedIn profile
  • Perfect your elevator pitch
  • Explore the resources provided by employers
  • This is your chance to stand out, so show your professional-self!

How It Works?

  • 1. Register for access to the virtual careers fair

  • 2. Upload your latest CV and make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date

  • 3. Explore each booth and access exhibitor resources

  • 4. Use the live chat and connect with exhibitors during live events



                All live webinars and their recordings can be found in the virtual Auditorium.


Monday 1 June


Careers Fair Opens

1:00pm till 2:00pm

Webinar: Careers Fair Welcome

About: Join the Careers Fair team for an introduction to the week, information on how a virtual careers fair works, and best ways of engaging with employers, recruiters, alumni and researchers!

4:00pm till 5:00pm

Live chat with participating organisations (via individual booths)

Tuesday 2 June

12:00pm till 1:00pm

Webinar: Food and Nutrition

About: How much do you think about what goes into your body? Come hear from a diverse range of experts in these fields as they tell you about how they go about creating those brands. Whether you're a health junkie or or not, come listen to what our experts have to say.

4:00pm till 5:00pm

Live chat with participating organisations (via individual booths)

Wednesday 3 June

1:00pm till 2:00pm

Webinar: Life in R&D

About: Have you ever wanted to be on the cutting edge of science? Have you wanted to delve into the depths of scientific and medical research? We're bundled a group of career researchers from outside the university to come together and tell their stories. Our hypothesis is that if you attend this panel then we can conclude that you will be more informed about your future!

4:00pm till 5:00pm

Live chat with participating organisations (via individual booths)

Thursday 4 June

1:00pm till 2:00pm

Webinar: Pharmaceutics

About: Medicines; everyone takes them at some time in their life. Big names, big brands, big budgets, dedicated professionals. Honestly, we probably don't even need to advertise this one to you. This is a panel that you will definitely want to attend!

2:00pm till 3:00pm

Webinar: Introduction to MIPS

About: Have you ever wondered what even happens behind all the closed doors in Building 3 and Building 4? What crazy scientific malarkey do they get up to in those rooms? They'll say; the best global research conducted by potential future Nobel Prize winners. We say; come find out for yourself, especially if you're considering an honours or PhD!

4:00pm till 5:00pm

Live chat with participating organisations (via individual booths)

Friday 5 June

2:00pm till 3:00pm

Webinar: Cosmetics

About: How big is cosmetics in Australia? How does $8B sound? You won't have to travel to Korea or France for your skincare, we bring the professionals to you. Listen to the challenges and opportunities in the cosmetics sector.

Saturday 6 June

2:00pm till 5:00pm

Live chat with the Student Recruitment Manager via the Prospective Students booth.

Sunday 7 June


Careers Fair Concludes

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual careers fair is an online event that takes place over specific days and times to allow you to interact with organisations in a virtual environment - you can participate anywhere that you have internet access. The event is accessible from desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Each organisation has its own booth, and you can virtually visit each one to find internship opportunities, view a range of digital content including pre recorded webinars/videos and interact live with organisations of choice.
This event will run 24 hours a day from 9:00am Monday 1 June until 11:59pm Sunday 7 June 2020. You can log in as many times as you like during this week. Live and interactive events will take place on specific days. A full schedule will be available prior to the event.
Yes, registration is required to participate. Simply follow the link at the top of the page to complete the registration form.
This event does not require specific software. Please ensure you have updated your web browser for a stress-free experience. The careers fair is 100% mobile-friendly and works on all modern browsers, all you need is access to the internet.
No, a webcam is not required in order to participate. Webcam may be used for some one-on-one discussions with exhibitors.
Click on the Students Login button at the top of this page.
Yes. Like any physical event, you can add all of the documents available to the online swag bag in your account and then email them to yourself by simply entering your email address.
Information that you share during registration may be accessible by participating organisations. If you choose to upload your resume or other details (eg. LinkedIn), organisations will have the option to export this if you interact with their virtual booth by applying for a listed opportunity or engage them via the live chat function.

If you choose not to provide your personal data, it will not be possible for employers to contact you.

Please click here to view the Monash University Student Data Protection and Privacy Collection Statement.
Send an email to for any technical assistance.